Ketamine Pills


ketamine is used for: Inducing anesthesia before surgery or certain procedures that do not require skeletal muscle relaxation. ketamine drug, It may also be used for other conditions as determined by your doctor. Ketamine high.

Ketamine is a medication mainly used for starting and maintaining anesthesia. It induces a trance-like state while providing pain relief, sedation, and memory loss. Other uses include sedation in intensive care and treatment of pain and depression
CAS ID6740-88-1
Other namesCI-581; CL-369; CM-52372-2
Duration of action: Intramuscular: 0.5–2 hours; Insufflation: 45–60 min; By mouth: 1–6+ hours;
Elimination half-life: Ketamine: 2.5–3 hours; Norketamine: 12 hours;
MetabolismLiver (N-demethylation):: Major: CYP3A4; Minor: CYP2B6CYP2C9
Melting point258 to 261 °C (496 to 502 °F)

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